Blingsting pepper spray is not only the cutest pepper spray ever, but it’s the same exact formulation used in other pepper sprays you’ll find on the market. We use a 10% OC formula (that’s oleo resin capsicum … yeah, we can use big words too) that is the strongest formulation allowed in all 50 states.


 Bottom line: it’s HOT AF and when used in a defensive manner, will cause major respiratory effects like choking, watery eyes, and temporary blindness for an hour or so. Yikes. Pepper spray is not a toy, and it’s not funny to use it in any way other than in a true emergency. It’s also illegal to misuse pepper spray. Jail is not a good look. Orange is not your color. Be responsible and be vigilant.


Blingsting is the pepper spray so cute, it hurts! Ok, you can buy some now. Just make sure you are ready for TONS of compliments. Blingsting pepper spray key chains where featured in Cosmopolitan.


All benefits at a glance:


•  Elegant accessory with defensive properties.

•  Easy to use

•  Key chain with quick release

•  Effective distance 2 to 3 meters

•  Use as key chain or bag accessory