ila WEDGE – The personal Door Alarm (with a 130 db loud sirene)

»Ila WEDGE« Frequent fliers, college students and anyone who is uneasy about staying solo in a hotel room needs to travel with an ila WEDGE. Jam it under a door to make it harder to open, and if an intruder tries to force entry you (and hotel staff) will be alerted with an ear-splitting alarm.  The batteries can be swaped easily.


Benefits at a glance:


  • Gives peace of mind when staying in a hotel room or hall of residence
  • Stylish, lightweight and fits discreetly into luggage
  • Emits an ear-piercing alarm so you can summon help


iLa Wedge User Manual

General Information regarding the proper use of the iLa Wedge product line.


Ila Wedge Instruction Manual (166 KB)

produCt video

Watch this video presentation from Jacqui Hames - a former UK Police Detective that served as a Detective in London for 25 yrs and now produces and presents crime items for media and has a passion for womens personal safety.


She is one of Britain’s best-known real life Detectives having co-presented the BBC flagship show Crimewatch for 16 yrs presenting live TV appeals to solve some of the country’s highest profile crimes.