ila PEBBLE – The personal Keyring Alarm (with a 130 db sirene)

»ila Pebble« Most women always carry a bunch of keys. Attach yours to our tactile ila PEBBLE keyring alarm. This smart and tactile keyring features a hidden surprise – an in-built, ear-piercing alarm that is activated in nanoseconds at the push of a button. An amazing 73% of women get out their keys as a coping mechanism for protection when out and about at night – now there is a product to really help give them protection. The product is available in the trendy colors black or red.

Benefits at a glance:


• Very simple to use

• No side effects

• Keys are permanently with you, now an alarm is too

• Activates a high-decibel alarm in less than a second

• Available in two fashionable designs

• Recommended by the police force


iLa Pebble User Manual

General Information regarding the proper use of the iLa Pebble product line.

User Manual iLa Pebble (0,4 MB)

produCt video

Watch this video presentation from Jacqui Hames - a former UK Police Detective that served as a Detective in London for 25 yrs and now produces and presents crime items for media and has a passion for womens personal safety.


She is one of Britain’s best-known real life Detectives having co-presented the BBC flagship show Crimewatch for 16 yrs presenting live TV appeals to solve some of the country’s highest profile crimes.