The ila dusk Personal Security Alarm (with a 130 db screaming womens voice)

»ila DUSK« This innovative personal security alarm is designed to be kept on display as a fashion accessory – right where you need it to hand. Clip to your handbag, or use as a keyring, but don’t be misled by its shiny good looks. In a threatening situation, just pull the chain. You’ll activate an ear-piercing 130Db female scream that research has shown others are more likely to respond to than a traditional alarm, as well as disorientating an attacker.  The alarm can only be deactivated if the chain is reconnected. The battery is non-replaceable for security reasons but can be used 3-5 years.

Benefits at a glance:


• Discreet personal alarm that ‘screams’ for your safety

• A range of various designs you can match to your handbag

• Always on display and to hand when you need it most

• No side effects

• Recommended by the police force



General Information regarding the proper use of the iLa Dusk product line.

produCt videoS

Watch this video presentation from Jacqui Hames - a former UK Police Detective that served as a Detective in London for 25 yrs and now produces and presents crime items for media and has a passion for womens personal safety.


She is one of Britain’s best-known real life Detectives having co-presented the BBC flagship show Crimewatch for 16 yrs presenting live TV appeals to solve some of the country’s highest profile crimes.